TTV Nieuwenhagen

On May 24, 1978 the TTV Nieuwenhagen was founded.

Firstly, the intention was to create a jogging club, but the enthusiasm was so great that the association had to adjust its target. A year after founding the TTV Nieuwenhagen rose 12 teams in the competition part. In 1987 the switch was made to the privatized gymnasium at the Emmastraat. The number of teams grew to almost 20 and there were more than 100 members; made possible by the large number of volunteers that time.

This level has been unable to maintain the TTV Nieuwenhagen and it is becoming harder to get volunteers. In particular, thanks to the support of Pro-region sports association is now supported in the implementation of the hall management. Fortunately succeeds TTV Nieuwenhagen has hitherto always to find volunteers within their own ranks, though the flush is sometimes thin.

At present, the TTV Nieuwenhagen has about 80 members. But there is still diligently seeking new members; notably the annual school Olympiad in Landgraaf is always an ideal opportunity to warm Landgraaf school youth for table tennis. For the 50+ group is offered on Friday mornings opportunity to get acquainted with the table tennis; interested parties do not immediately join, but they can be a workout for a small fee. For this we try to regularly advertise through the media Landgraaf! If one wants to do than join one can visit three nights (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday); on Friday, one can even take a free or several family members.